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TransOkie Run

521 miles, 8 days...one helluva journey!

I will be attempting to run from the New Mexico Border to Arkansas border April 8th through 15th. I am doing this as a fundraiser for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). All the proceeds will be donated to LGSTogether, as they help raise awareness to this debilitating type of Epilepsy.

Why in the world?!?

I love to challenge my mind and body, so why not do something that scares the begezus out of me....running all the way across the state of Oklahoma!

I am choosing the longest route, from west to east, starting at the New Mexico border in the Panhandle and running across the state to the Arkansas border.

The journey is 521 miles and I am attempting to do it in 8 days, averaging 65 miles per day.

Where the heck am I?

If you wanna see my progres, click on this button. It will take you to a Garmin site where it will show you my current location (10 minute updates) and the path I’ve traveled. Company will be encouraged as I will be spending a lot of time alone! (begging lonily Ultra runner here!! ;-) )

Button will be activated on the 8th of April. So stay tuned!

About Me

My Background

Hey everybody, just a weebit about myself. First off, I'm an 38 year old ordinary man doing extraordinary things! I seek adventure and exploring my own human limits.

Around 13 years ago, while being a meteorologist and a storm chaser, I was 225lbs and had never run. I began to run a few times a week and quickly realized I enjoyed exploring the longer distances in running. I figured out that It is much more mentally rewarding than physically. I did a 50k my third year into running, 9 years ago and slowly increased the race distances over the following years. 

I currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma love to share my passions with people. I work at RunnersWorld Tulsa, I run for their race team, I teach yoga at Cherry Street Yoga and I coach people to help them reach their running dreams.

I truly have become the epitome of the couch potato to ultra endurance athlete. There have been many obstacles, but overcoming and learning from those are apart of the journey.

My Running Accomplishments

5k - 15 (17:59)

10k - 4 (39:11)

13.1 - 3 (1:39:00)

26.2 - 4 (3:20:00)

50k - 10 (4:09:00)

50m - 8 (7:51:00)

100k - 3 (11:55:00)

100m - 5 (20:42:00)

Ultra distance runs (training and races) - 100+

2017 - Most Inspirational TATUR award

         - 1st, Pumpkin Hollar 100 mile

         - 1st, Ouachita Trail 50m

         -1st, Athens Big Fork Marathon

         -2nd, Flatrock 101k

         -2nd, Go Short, Go Long 50k

         -1st, Boys and Girls Home 5k

2016 - TATUR Male of the Year Award

         - 1st, Turkey N Taturs 10k 

         - 3rd, Heartland 50m

         - 3rd, Snake 3hr

         - 3rd, Back 40m

         - 3rd Ugly Sweater 5k

2015 - 2nd, Lovit 100m                         

         - 1st, White Rock Classic 25k

         - 1st, Wild Azalea Trail 50m

         - 1st, Switchbacks 25k

         - 1st, Day Ohn Day 10k


A 1,000 Thank You's first of all for visiting my page! Without the support of all those in my life, whether it's lifelong friendships or we just met...all of those connections fuel me forward today and beyond.

I continue to have gratitude for my body and it's abilities. This machine we get to operate is truly amazing and I love to explore what it is capable of. 

I currently work at RunnersWorld Tulsa and teach yoga at Cherry Street Yoga. I also help people with coaching help, getting them towards their dreams! Again, basking in gratitude that I can give myself to the running and fitness community.

If you are unable to donate to my explorations, please share my page and most importantly, just BE INSPIRED!!

Even more about me

Just who am I?!?

If you have scrolled down this far, you deserve to know a little bit more about who I am...and not just the tiny bit of background info

So who I am? Well, to be honest, I don't even know...but I do know that I learn more about myself everyday. I know the things that really matter and truly make me happy, so I make those a focus in my life.

Growing up, I was not athletic one bit. I played soccer moderately well until I stopped growing, then everyone was bigger and faster than I. I played 2 seasons of basketball, I never suited for a game. Next I tried football. I was a wide receiver on a team who didn't thrown the football. At the start of my third season, I got tackled in practice and shattered my hip. Football career done!

Finally, my junior year in high school, I decided to join the track team. I didn't like to run, so I decided to pole vault. I was terrible, I think I made it over the bar like once! I practiced one full season and didn't go to a single track meet. I decided it wasn't for me. I really didn't enjoy running (YET!!!). 

More coming soon!!! 

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